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Sun 23 Oct 2016


Privacy Policy

Beechwood Billycart Classic (“BBC”) respects the privacy of the users of this website. Because we share your privacy concerns, we have published this privacy policy to help you understand what information we collect as a result of your use of this website, and what we do with that information.

General Tracking

We keep track of the pages you visit on our website, and our web server automatically gives us a report of the overall traffic of the website, each day. Stored within that report is your IP address, browser type, http referers, date and time of the access, and the page you accessed. We aggregate this data with the data collected from all the other users of this website, and prepare reports for our own use in determining the growth and usage numbers of the website. This information does not identify you personally.

Social Bookmarking

We hope you find our articles useful. And when find one you like, please share it! Please note that when you take advantage of BBC’s Share and RSS links (etc), we do not save your personal information when you bookmark us.


We encourage comments on our articles, and we often update articles following readers’ suggestions. Anyone may comment, so we do ask for, and store:

  • a “name” that you would like displayed on your comment
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We moderate all comments to try to avoid spam etc.

Your email address is hidden from view at all times, and is never released to any third-party source. The address is used only by BBC to contact you through our website.

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