Race Date

Sun 23 Oct 2016


2012 Draw

Grid Position Driver / Co-Driver Cart Name / Sponsor Class
1 Justin Bartlett
Michael Hodges
Wild Billy
Wildfire Tattoo
2 Ben Moylan
Robert Horne
BDM Heavy Vehicles Repairs
3 Michael Ebbs
Stephen Cook
Ballistic A
4 Matt Bird
Tom Sherd
Country Security Solutions
5 Bo McCudden
Rebecca Phillpott
B1 & B2 A
6 David Reeves
Rod Cant
Mark’s Gyprock Plastering
7 David Miante
Ian ‘Pom’ Wright
Ian Wright Excavations & A1 Chippy
8 Barrie Phillpott
Wayne Walker
On Fire
Mark’s Gyprock Plastering
9 Mark Ennor
Phil Baker
Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding & Sawcut
10 Tony Madden
Luke Parkes
Hastings Valley Sheds
11 Max Hugen
Jamie Wall
Mad Max
JTS Automotive & Max Hugen
12 Robert Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Dark Horse
Johnson Family Homes & Tidemaster Jetties Port Macquarie
13 Phillip Saville
Simon Rogers
Savish II
Bago Real Estate
14 Paul Kucera
James Lynch
What Tha C
15 Nathan Madden
Todd Miller
Devil’s Apprentice
Bennet’s Steel, Abstract Plastics & Hastings Valley Sheds
16 Toby O’Brien
Shane Gresham
Good To Go
Go Property Services

2012 Entry Form

The Rules and Entry Form for the Beechwood Billycart Classic 2012 is now available here

2011 Race Winner Video

Paul Kucera and Luke Cantrell in their hot billycart What Tha won the 2011 Beechwood Billycart Classic in exactly 6 minutes.

They captured their ride with an onboard video camera, as they careered down the mountain at speeds exceeding 100kph in one section.


Lowrider - A Hot Contender

After Bob & Steve Johnson blitzed the 2010 race in Dark Horse with a record time of 5:48, competition for the 2011 titles certainly hotted up! Whilst 2011 didn’t have the favourable winds like the year before – so no records broken – there were tremendous leaps forward by several teams. Second place, with a fantastic time of 6:17, was “Lowrider“, sponsored by Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding & Sawcut.

Sharing some of their experiences, driver Mark Ennor and co-driver Phil ‘Mudge’ Baker commented:

“Lowrider was purchased last year, stripped down and nearly completely rebuilt. We kept the nose shape, internal wheel arches and basic bottom skeleton.

“We lowered it and narrowed the overall width, fully enclosed it, and added a few other ‘secret’ enhancements!

“We had just one practice run, a standing start from the top of Fuzz’s Hill (Frazer’s Hill), then came race day…it was the very first time we ran it from the top.

“Mudge pushed us off down the hill, not really knowing how she was going to handle, Lowrider took the hairpin easily at 51kmph. That was it…Mark’s feet were kept far from the brakes and just let it roll, we hurtled through ‘Hell’s corner’ (just hanging on to it!) hitting the top of Fuzz’s hill at 81kmph, we then hit a top speed of 97.5kmph, and rolled over ‘Brombin Hill’ at 41 kmph (a point in the race where all but the top four carts have to get out and push!).

“The first time Mudge stepped out to push was at the end of ‘Heartbreak Hill’ near the church, where he did several skates, and we rolled to the finish line in 2nd place but with the 4th fastest time in the race’s 32 year history – 6 mins 17 secs…gotta be happy with that for a maiden run! Can’t wait for next year….”

[Ed: neither can we!]

2011 Race Results

What Tha
With some fierce competition in the Pro Class, Luke Cantrell and Paul Kucera repeated their 2008 performance by winning the 2011 Billycart Classic in What Tha, with a time of exactly 6 minutes.

Mark Ennor and Phil Baker in Lowrider claimed second place, just pipping last year’s winner, Robert and Stephen Johnson’s Dark Horse which came third.

BDM Heavy Vehicles, driven by Ben Moylan and Shane Gresham, won the Open Class, with Tom Sherd and Ashleigh Bird’s The Love Cart taking second, followed by On Fire driven by Barrie and Matthew Phillpott.

In the 4 Wheeler Class, Ian Wright and David Miante in Pom To The Max took the honours, followed by Colin and Craig Louwen’s M’Bah Express. The Ladies Winner went to Wii Not Fit, driven by Rhianon Rogers and Rachael Clarke.

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Mower Racing!

Kempsey Mower Racing Club will be on show at this year’s Billy Carts Classic. Giving a demo on the road for ‘pre-race’ entertainment, they will then head out to the back paddock for a ‘race demo’.

These “Mowers” (with no cutting decks!) can have up to between 450cc – 700cc motors in them, reaching break-neck speeds. Talk about big boys and their toys!!

Apparently any back yard mower can join the club, simply by dropping the cutting deck and reducing the size of the belt…find out more on Race day at the Beechwood Billy Cart Classic on November 6th!

New Novelty Race

Downhill Racing


For 2011, the Beechwood Billycart Classic is introducing a Novelty Race, to be run after the kids’ race, from the Church to the Finish Line.



Your imagination is the only limit, as the only stipulations are that it must have:

  • More than two wheels
  • Steering
  • Brakes

Some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Ride-on Mower (with the engine ripped out)
  • Bed
  • Bath Tub
  • Sofa
  • Wheelie Bin
  • 44 gal Drum
  • Shopping Trolley
  • Porta-Loo

Get in the shed and get amongst it!


2011 Race Entry Form

The Rules and Entry Form for the Beechwood Billycart Classic 2011 is now available here

Wheels Magazine Article

Wheels Magazine sent reporter Michael Stahl and cameraman Thomas Weilecki to check out the 2010 Billycart Classic, who promptly got in the spirit and entered a SmartCar. Seems a lot of people didn’t catch the article they put together for Wheels Magazine, and searching their website produced no results.

Fortunately, the relevant copy of the magazine was found: March 2011!

2011 Race Date

Organisers of the Beechwood Billycart Classic have announced the date for the next race:

Sunday, 6th Nov 2011

Note it in your calendar now, as it’s a day not to be missed! Further information such as Rules and Entry Forms will be posted here soon.