Race Date

Sun 23 Oct 2016


2006 Videos

Pre Race Interviews

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Following a parade of Classic Cars, we go to the Start Line on Pappinbarra Mountain for some driver interviews, before the starting gun.

Race favourites Tony Madden and Mark Kucera reveal that they’ve strengthened the front end of their cart “Bessy”, and fitted wider rear wheels in the hope of improved cornering ability.

The Race Start

The Race Start

As the race starts, we get some great footage from the camera car of the first carts to go, as well as roadside shots of all the carts going through the first s-bends.

Back to the camera car, and at 3:50 mins into the video, a great overtaking manoeuvre by Brendan and Jessica Madden, doing 60kph through the bends, puts them in the lead.

At 5:00 mins, the cart of Thomas Byron and Thomas Wilson has moved into ‘second’ place – keeping in mind that they started 20 secs later (Start+20) during the staggered start.

Another roadside camera captures the carts racing past West Frazers Creek Rd, where at 6:00 mins the favourites, Tony Madden and Mark Kucera, pass only 25 secs behind the current leader – after a 60 sec delayed start (Start+60).

At 7:00 mins, the Bryon and Wilson team overtake Brendan and Jessica as they pass Pipeclay Rd. But just seconds later, the Madden/Kucera cart comes into view, and flies past into the lead.

The Favourites Leading

The Favourites Leading

Another roadside cam just past Pipeclay Rd shows the unique feature of the Billycart Classic – a Co-Driver is needed to provide ‘anti-gravity’ through a couple of minor uphill sections. Places are won and lost here!

Back to the camera car, and Mark Kucera is ‘scootering’ for the first time as they top Brombin Hill in the leading cart. But not for long, he jumps back in the cart which quickly reaches 40kph despite this relatively slow section.

Hitting 60kph as they pass the cemetary, the favourites make it up to the Fire Station at Kooree Island Rd without Mark’s help.

The Chequered Flag

The Chequered Flag

After the Fire Station camera, the camera car picks up the leader again with less than half a kilometre to go.

Tony Madden in the leading cart is keeping a very tidy line in order to keep maximum speed.

As they reach the Catholic Church hill, Mark again has to briefly scooter, while being water-bombed by enthusiastic locals.

Seconds later, a great drive by Tony and Mark sees their Hastings Valley Sheds cart “Bessy” take the chequered flag to win the Classic, with a time of 7:29.

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