Race Date

Sun 23 Oct 2016


2014 Race Results

Devils Apprentice has won the 2014 Billycart Classic in the Pro Class, with a time of 6:08, driven by Luke Cantrell and Paul Kucera. Phillip “Sav” Saville and Michael “Fish” Cole came second with their time of 7:29, in SAVISH.
The Open Class was won by Tony Madden and Jenny’s cart Bessie (8:38), with second going […]

2014 Race Date

Organisers of the Beechwood Billycart Classic have announced the date for the next race:
Sunday, 16th Nov 2014
Fun starts from 9am
Road Closed 11:00am to 12:30pm
Kids race starts just after 11:00am followed by the main race.
Note it in your calendar now as it’s a day not to be missed! Further information such as Rules and Entry […]