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Sun 23 Oct 2016


Lowrider - A Hot Contender

After Bob & Steve Johnson blitzed the 2010 race in Dark Horse with a record time of 5:48, competition for the 2011 titles certainly hotted up! Whilst 2011 didn’t have the favourable winds like the year before – so no records broken – there were tremendous leaps forward by several teams. Second place, with a fantastic time of 6:17, was “Lowrider“, sponsored by Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding & Sawcut.

Sharing some of their experiences, driver Mark Ennor and co-driver Phil ‘Mudge’ Baker commented:

“Lowrider was purchased last year, stripped down and nearly completely rebuilt. We kept the nose shape, internal wheel arches and basic bottom skeleton.

“We lowered it and narrowed the overall width, fully enclosed it, and added a few other ‘secret’ enhancements!

“We had just one practice run, a standing start from the top of Fuzz’s Hill (Frazer’s Hill), then came race day…it was the very first time we ran it from the top.

“Mudge pushed us off down the hill, not really knowing how she was going to handle, Lowrider took the hairpin easily at 51kmph. That was it…Mark’s feet were kept far from the brakes and just let it roll, we hurtled through ‘Hell’s corner’ (just hanging on to it!) hitting the top of Fuzz’s hill at 81kmph, we then hit a top speed of 97.5kmph, and rolled over ‘Brombin Hill’ at 41 kmph (a point in the race where all but the top four carts have to get out and push!).

“The first time Mudge stepped out to push was at the end of ‘Heartbreak Hill’ near the church, where he did several skates, and we rolled to the finish line in 2nd place but with the 4th fastest time in the race’s 32 year history – 6 mins 17 secs…gotta be happy with that for a maiden run! Can’t wait for next year….”

[Ed: neither can we!]

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