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Sun 23 Oct 2016



Another bunch of pics have been uploaded to the website, but we have yet to figure out which year they’re from.

Think you can help? Check out the Gallery here – first to work it out will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams!

Whoa! We have our Immortal already – and it’s Mark from Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding who’s identified the pics as being from the 2006 Race! Mark was in the ‘Mountain Missile’.
Thanks Mark!

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3 comments to Challenge!

  • How could I forget the 2006 race. Our Mountain Missile ran sweet for the first 3.5kms then BANG…rear left tyre blew! We continued on for another 700m the BANG rear right tyre blew!! Just near the fire station (you can hear it loud and clear in the video)
    I happend to be the co-driver and with the home straight in view (about 800m from the finish) I wheelbarrowed the cart to the finish line. It was a stinking hot day and probably the only thing that go us home was the rural fire boys hosing me down as we went past them, also the local kids throwing water bombs! After arriving at the finish we learn that out of 21 carts we still managed to get 14th place! I’ve been the race twice since, in the Bellrowan Bomber and The Low Rider, both built by James Vande Linde (chief engineer of Magic Farm Engineering).
    It’ a great event, nothing like it anywhere else!
    One piece of advise…have a good set of tyres, the mountain can be rough!

  • Max

    Wheelbarrowing to the finish line??? Mark, you’re either determined, competitive or just plain crazy – or all of the above!

  • yeah maybe all of the above. when you’ve come 3/4 of the way down the mountain you have to finish!
    What I didn’t mention was the finish. Our cart (like most) was fitted with pedal brakes…on the rear tyres. With both back tyres blown and me being so completely buggered by the finsih line, we grinded and crunched our way down the hill and I suddenly had to pull the brakes on…with no tyres to grip on we sailed on past the line and kept going and going and going. I had metal on metal trying to stop us, James finally put the nose of the cart in to a ditch on the side of the road, narrowly missing parked cars and spectators! I spilled out of the cart and gazed at stars for the next 10 mins until someone finally brought me a beer…

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