Race Date

Sun 23 Oct 2016


2010 Grid Draw

The grid draw for the 31st Annual Beechwood Billycart Classic was conducted on Sat 16th Oct. Follow the link to see the full list.

Main Race
Grid Position Cart Class Driver / Co-Driver Cart Name /
1 C Robert Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Dark Horse
Tidemasters Jetties Port Macquarie
2 C David Reeves
Ben Phillpott
Rosewood Rocket II
Marks Gyprock Plastering
3 C Jeff Fowler
Nathan Fowler
Scrap Metal
Beechwood Cellars
4 C James Van De Linde
Gerry Van De Linde
Loose Cannon
Beechwood Hotel
5 C Phillip Saville
Michael Cole
Savish II
Bago Real Estate
6 C Phil Langenbaker
Jeremy Lang
Meltique Beef
Hastings Food Processing
7 C Steve Cassidy
Glen Lucas
Spark U
Beechwood Hotel
8 C Steve Karbowiak
Mitchell Karbowiak
10 B Dusty Cordell
Jamie Trotter
Dusty I
Hastings Diesel Injection Service & Dusty’s Fire Management
11 B Justin Bartlett
Warrick King
Wild Billy
Wildfire Tattoo
12 B John Simmonds
Vanessa Marks
Hill Billy
John Simmonds
13 A Henry Farrah
Craig Beadle
Beechwood Hotel
14 A Barry Phillpott
Matthew Phillpott
On Fire
Marks Gyprock Plastering
15 A Sandi Phillpott
Carol Lowe
Breast Express
McGrath Foundation
16 A Thomas Duck
Shane Duck
Dux Guts
No 1
17 A Matt Bird
Kacy Howard
Network Security
Junior Race
Grid Position Cart Class Driver / Co-Driver Cart Name / Sponsor
1 Jr Grace Kucera
Charlotte Reynolds
Team Dynamite
Reynolds Dairy
2 Jr Jack Reynolds
Adam Kucera
Speeding Bovine
Reynolds Dairy
3 Jr Tim Ebbs
Allanah Drafter
Beechwood Bullet
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