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Sun 23 Oct 2016


Full 2009 Results

The Winner: "Loose Cannon"

The Winner: "Loose Cannon"

What an incredibly tight finish for the 30th annual Classic -just 5 seconds from first place to third! Whilst many entrants are in it just for the fun, there’s no doubt that some of these 100kph racers take it quite seriously. Loose Cannon just pipped What Tha?, with Dark Horse hard on their tails.

Given the intense competition, we’ll be looking forward to seeing these slippery carts – and many more – at the 2010 Classic. No doubt they’ll be working hard at ways to shave off a few more precious seconds!

30th Annual Beechwood Billycart Classic Results
Place Time Driver / Co-Driver Cart Name / Sponsor
1 06:34 Nathan Madden
Samual Barringtom
Loose Cannon
Hasting Valley Sheds & Wildlife Tattoo
2 06:37 Luke Cantrell
Paul Kucera
What Tha?
Marks Gyprock Plastering
3 06:39 Bob Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Dark Horse
Tidemaster Jetties Port Macquarie
4 07:31 Jeff Fowler
Nathan Fowler
Scrap Metal
Beechwood Cellars
5 07:33 Phillip Saville
Michael Cole
Savish 2
Bago Real Estate
6 09:28 James Van de Linde
Mark Ennor
The Low Rider
Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding
7 09:31 David Reeves
Ben Phillpott
The Rosewood Rocket II
Marks Gyprock Plastering
8 09:44 Shane Swaysland
Andrew Kars
Warren Plowright Lexus Port Macquarie
9 09:57 Phil Cordell
Jamie Trotter
Dusty 1
Hastings Diesel Injection Service & Dusty Fire Management
10 10:10 Steven Craven
Phil Langenbaker
Meltique Beef
Hastings Food Processing
11 10:25 Brett Barrington
Justin Bartlett
Wild Billy Rat
Wildfire Tattoo
12 10:31 Matt Bird
Kacy Howard
Country Security Solutions
13 12:58 Barry Phillpott
Matthew Phillpott
True Blue
Marks Gyprock Plastering
14 14:35 Joshua Symes
Dylan Collar
Zeal 1
Port Macquarie Baptist Church Youth
15 14:40 Sandi Phillpott
Rebecca Phillpott
Rosewood Rocket
Marks Gyprock Plastering
16 15:30 John Simmons
Vanessa Marks
The Chase
John Simmons
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